The 10 Best Instagram Accounts for Design and Art Inspiration

Andrei Korchagin
4 min readApr 17, 2018

If you’re going to be aimlessly refreshing Instagram anyway, why not have some inspiring profiles to look at? Here are some of my favorites.

Jessica Walsh [@jessicavwalsh]

Jessica Walsh hardly needs an introduction, as one of the partners of the world-class design studio Sagmeister & Walsh. She’s been a force in the design community for many years now, with projects of a very wide variety (such as the excellent experiment Forty Days of Dating). On her Instagram, she’s posting tons of examples of her stellar style of artistic photography, setting up colorful dream-like situations as well as providing her own commentary on various matters.

Somewhere Magazine [@somewheremagazine]

Somewhere Magazine is an online magazine from Sweden that focuses on topics such as fashion and photography. Their main IG account’s bio proclaims “this is our moodboard” and is one of the best-curated accounts that I’ve come across. They seem to feature entirely work from other artists, but are able to cultivate a very specific dreamy mood that’s hard to describe.

Daniel Arsham [@danielarsham]

Daniel Arsham is an artist focusing on architecturally-inspired pieces, while also utilizing uncommon materials such as volcanic ash. He also has a series “Future Relic”, which shows modern-day items (such as a BlackBerry or a boombox) appearing as unearthed artifacts from a civilization thousands of years old.

Daniel Rueda [@drcuerda]

Daniel Rueda’s photos have largely the same formula: a person plus a wall. The colors and patterns that are found within this simple combination are astounding, as he’s able to compose shots of incredible beauty and symmetry.

Michael Kagan [@mrkagan]

Michael Kagan probably has the least sizable following on this list, but he’s not one to miss. He has an extremely specific art style — almost exclusively drawing astronauts in spacesuits using very broad brushstrokes in just a few muted colors.

Leta Sobierajski [@letasobierajski]

Leta Sobierajski is a designer in NYC that, in her own words, “combines traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, and styling to create utterly unique visuals.” Her work features very bright colors, high usages of flowers and/or fruit, and often includes her husband Wade Jeffree.

Baugasm [@baugasm]

Baugasm is an account ran by the designer Vasjen Katro, where he’s currently in the second year of the incredibly challenging task of creating a new poster every day. He certainly has a very particular visual style, but the sheer output of work is quite impressive and has garnered him quite the following. How long will he keep it up?

Accidentally Wes Anderson [@accidentallywesanderson]

Wes Anderson is one of the most unique directors of our time — with his particular aesthetic one of the most pleasing things about any of his films. This account curates images from around the world that evoke his trademark look of pastels and symmetry.

Tyler Spangler [@tyler_spangler]

Tyler Spangler’s work is a blend of heavily typographic pieces, pop-art collages, and abstract works that all share the theme of having very bright colors — an assault on the senses, but in a good way.

Saint Hoax [@sainthoax]

Saint Hoax is an account with its finger on the absolute pulse of pop culture, creating very relevant (and hilarious) image edits that give a different take on current events. You’ll often see their work reposted by every other account you follow.

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